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Donnerstag 16:15-17:45 H6, Geo

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PD Dr. Alfred Becker
Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung e. V.
Donnerstag, 14.01.2010 16:15-17:45 H6:

Integrated eco-hydrological analysis in the Elbe river basin

Eingeladen durch Prof Tenhunen

Integrated ecohydrological analysis is required to investigate the water quality situation in the Elbe river basin. In a modelling study the in-stream nitrogen load and concentration have been modelled in several mesoscale sub-basins of the Elbe with the ecohydrological dynamic model SWIM using lumped and - to some extent - distributed retention parameters. However, the hypothesis about the usefulness of distributed retention parameters was not confirmed in the investigated sub-basins.

The results of scenario investigations show that optimal land use and management are essential for the reduction in nutrient load and improvement of water quality to meet the objectives of the European Water Framework Directive and in view of the regional development in future. 

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