Geoökologie - Bachelor of Science

Vortragsreihe Ökologie und Umweltforschung WS 2014/15

Donnerstag 12:00-13:30 H6, Geo

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Dr. Christian Zeeden
Department of Geography - RWTH Aachen University (Homepage)
Donnerstag, 13.11.2014 :

Time matters: about constructing geological time scales

Time scales are the backbone of very most studies dealing with past environments and climates. Ironically, the time scales and their (in)accuracy are often much less understood than proxy data for past environmental conditions. The ‘state of the art’ of the (Quaternary) geological time scale, including some shortcomings and improvement potential are outlined. Integrated stratigraphy using independent geochronometers is the best way to obtain reliable age models, statistical combination of methods is, however, not straightforward. Finally an example is given how more precise time scales can lead to a much better understanding of geoarchives. A personal perspective is given where time scale development may improve in the coming years.


Eingeladen von Ulrich Hambach, Lehrstuhl für Geomorphologie

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